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"It is amazing how NICO makes their music so accessible and entertaining,
turning themselves into the modern classical music equivalent
of rock stars." - Concert Curator Jud Newborn


NICO in Moscow – Midsummer Night Dream Festival

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Add to Calendar 07/15/2017 18:00 07/15/2017 12:00 Europe/Vilnius NICO in Moscow – Midsummer Night Dream Festival On 15 July New Ideas Chamber Orchestra NICO is going to headline the Anniversary edition of Midsummer Night Dream festival in Moscow!

On 15 July we return to the Garden of Eden. The anniversary Midsummer Night's Dream will take place in the manor of Lermontov-Stolypin, where the story of MSND began. The season's theme brings us back to the era of Creation, when people were allowed to see their gods, sorrows and doubts were unknown, desires fulfilled, and shame had not yet been invented. We invite you to take part in the creation of our fairy-tale world: imagine that time and space are just unfolding, all possibilities are open and human history starts in this place, with us.

The source of creation is fantasy, it creates an ideal world without chaos, as we see it on the left wing of the triptych of Bosch "The Garden of Earthly Delights." Here, animals and fantastic creatures are walking side by side with people, the Source of life is gushing, and the landscape is more bizarre than dreams. The first people were not separated from nature, they were not pressured by cultural prejudices. The meaning of their existence was to create and refine their happy place. This experience of living in a small community for which a miracle is a natural part of life has become a model for MSND. For ten years now we create a heavenly garden together for one night so that people can return to their Eden with the effort of a common dream.

The first creatures to be seen upon retun are Bacardi bats. While people sought return to their happiness, the bats remained in Eden, and now, as old-timers of the heavenly crowns, they will show visitors all the paths and the hidden corners of the garden, recreating the magic of Shakespeare's night. In "A Midsummer Night's Dream," the poet described how a fairy-tale world comes to life, all miracles are possible, and annually we go all out to convince our guests of this at MSND. This time we suggest that you think about the primordial creatures that inhabited the earth, the ancient rituals and primeval forces, the joy of flowering and abundance. Only such images can open you the sealed doors of the Garden of Eden.

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NICO at MIDSUMMER Vilnius Festival

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Add to Calendar 07/18/2017 20:30 07/18/2017 22:00 Europe/Vilnius NICO at MIDSUMMER Vilnius Festival Don’t miss NICO's only open-air concert in Vilnius this Summer. Join us at the MidSummer Vilnius Festival on the 18th of June, in the courtyard of the Palace of the Grand Dukes, for a spectacular evening of music and light. See you there!

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Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, Vilnius MM/DD/YYYY


New Ideas Chamber Orchestra NICO is a string ensemble known for their captivating and original performances. Playing from memory and mixing classical and pop idioms with non-traditional string instrument techniques the NICO creates sublime, ethereal and energetic musical experience.

“I like that beauty seems to be his guiding principle. It is what people are hungry for – music that has an element of peace. G. Gelgotas has a very unique and compelling compositional voice.”

Composer – Terry Riley

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